Closed Gold Medal

Each province holds the Gold Medal Competition annually for its members. The competition may be run over a number of legs at the Provinces discretion. The Gold Medal is used as the qualifiers to select the Inter-Provincial Team with the winner of the event and the next four highest finishers going through to represent their province. The team selected will represent their Province at the Inter Provincial Championships the following year, and not the qualifying year.

Inter Provincial Championships

The Inter Provincial Championships take place in the first quarter of the year annually, usually January or February.  Five member teams for each Province compete at Mens, Ladies, U21 and U16 levels.

At the Inter-Provincial competition the four best scores of the five anglers count towards the provincial teams score. This is repeated over 3 legs. The winner of the gold medal is the team with the highest cumulative points at the end. The competition venue usually rotates between the four provinces every year.

Home Nations

The anglers individual scores are tallied over the three legs at the Inter Provincial Championships.   This competition is known as the Home Nations Fish-Off. The top five anglers in each category going forward to represent Ireland at the SALC Home Nations.  The Sea Angling Liaison Committee, SALC hosts the Home Nations event each year for teams representing England, Ireland, Scoland and Wales.  Hosting rotates between the four nations every year.

please note: these are general rules which are subject to change each year at the AGM.  Please contact your Provincial Council for more details and up to date rules.