Flyer 2019 Shore Master Angler

Irish Federation of Sea Anglers

Master Angler Shore Championships


Hosted by

Connacht Provincial Council

Friday/Saturday/Sunday, October 4th/5th/6th

I.F.S.A. Master Angler Shore 2019

Congratulations on qualifying to represent your club in the premier shore angling event in Ireland, the

We trust you will enjoy your participation in the Championship and wish you luck. The winner will captain the team to represent Ireland at the 2020 World Shore Angling Championships in France.

Anglers placed 2nd to 11th positions will compete in a fish-off with the top twenty anglers on the selection panel, the 2018 Master Angler winner, winner of the All-Ireland Open Shore Championships and the winners of the four Provincial Closed Gold medal Championships. The top five from the fish-off will make up the balance of the team. The fish-off will be held in the Sligo area November 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Please read the following information carefully

This information circular will assist you with your preparation to attend the Championship.

Your entry has been accepted subject to all documentation being in order.

Tight Lines,

Brian Reidy (Connacht Chair IFSA)

The Event


  • Friday 4th October 2019 – Sunday 6th October 2019


Pier Head Hotel

Mullaghmore Harbour,
County Sligo,

Phone: 00353 71 9166171


Hotel Deals:

  • 2 Nights B&B, €90pps (Single room supplement of €20 per room per night)
  • 1 Night B&B, €45 pps (Single room supplement of €20 per room per night)

If you are making a booking reference the ‘IFSA Master Angler Shore’


  • From 2pm on Friday the 4th of October at the Headquarters

Presentation of awards:

  • Will take place in the HQ on Sunday after 18:00

Family and friends are encouraged and more than welcome to join.

The Championships

  • The Championship will be fished over Three Sessions.

Session One

  • Saturday 5th of October
  • 10:00 –14:00
  • The Exact Venues will be announced closer to the championships when conditions are forecasted.

Session Two

  • Saturday 5th of October
  • 18:00 –22:00
  • The Exact Venues will be announced closer to the championships when conditions are forecasted.

Session Three

  • Sunday 6th of October
  • 10:00 –14:00
  • The Exact Venues will be announced closer to the championships when conditions are forecasted.

Species to be expected

Below is a list of species to be expected on the proposed venues.

Flounder, turbot, dogfish, ray, coalfish, whiting, plaice, rockling, bass, mullet

Proposed Venues

  • Below is a list of proposed venues for the Championships.
  • Venues are subject to change due to conditions arising.
  • The exact venues will be announced closer to the championships when conditions are forecasted.
  • Participants will be informed of any updates/changes as soon as possible.
  • Available to view at the Check-In there will be maps detailing where the fishing venues will be pegged giving reference points or co-ordinates for the First peg of each venue.

For angling or general queries please contact:

John Martin

National Shore Recorder


65 Arbour Heights,



Co. Cork.

P43 WY88.


Tel: 087-2028381


Starting west and moving east and northwards

  1. Enniscrone – 54.211551, -9.100650
  2. Trawee – 54.260976, -8.793605
  3. Dumoran – 54.262901, -8.728062
  4. Strandhill – 54.269196, -8.611153
  5. Rosses Point – 54.310425, -8.570779
  6. Streedagh – 54.405160, -8.560939
  7. Mullaghmore – 54.461154, -8.452062
  8. Tullan – 54.491414, -8.265467
  9. Rossnowlagh – 54.562029, -8.214588


  1. The competition shall be run under I.F.S.A. rules. The competition will be run on a catch and return basis. Anglers must fish from their allocated pegs. The only people allowed on the peg are the stewards and match officials. The only exception to this rule is another angler retrieving a trace or fish. (Within reason).
  2. Minimum fish size for all species is 15cm. except Weavers and Fresh Water Eels. All weavers count as under size fish regardless of their size. Fresh Water Eels are not to be measured and must be returned alive. All Fresh Water Eels will be awarded 25 points + 5 fish points regardless of their size. Mackerel, Sand eel, Trout and Salmon are excluded. Five points will be awarded for each fish landed plus measurement of the fish. The first 10 undersize fish will count. 10 points in total will be awarded for each undersize fish landed. (5 fish points plus 5 size points). Each fish will be measured and 1 point will be awarded for each centimetre the fish measures on the measuring stick, a fish must touch the 15 cm line before it will count. All measurements will be rounded down. The mouth of the fish must be closed when being measured. Dog Fish (L.S.D.) will be awarded 45 points. (5 fish points and 45 measurement points, total = 50 points.) The first L.S.D. must also be measured and this measurement will only count in the event of a tie. Rays will be measured from the tip of the snout to the end of the tail. Conger Eels 15 cm. or over and under 30 cm. 15 points + 5 fish points = 20 points. Conger eels 30 cm. or over and under 100 cm. 35 points + 5 fish points = 40 points. Conger eels 100 cm. or over 95 points + 5 fish points = 100 points.


  1. When a fish is landed the fish must be placed in a bucket containing sufficient water until the measurement is checked. If the fish is sizeable and the size is agreed by the steward, the type of fish plus the measurement of the fish should be recorded on the competitors score card.


  1. Anglers must supply their own baits. There are no bait restrictions. All forms of ground baiting either before or during the competition are forbidden. All baits must be attached only to the hooks.


  1. There is no limit on the number of rods that may be set up to the swivel/clip. Such rods must face away from the sea.


  1. Where wading is permitted, anglers are only allowed to wade out up to their knees to cast and must return to the shore line. At the termination of the match the steward will record the number of fish and size points on the score card. The angler and the steward must sign the score card before the angler leaves the beach. It is the responsibility of the angler to get their match card signed on completion of each session. If an angler fails to sign his match card he has no readdress afterwards. If an angler leaves the beach during match his club will be informed of this after the championship is over.


  1. In the case of a dispute the match card will be signed at the competition weigh-in. Complaints must be made in writing, signed and witnessed and handed into The Match Officer before the weigh-in is completed.


  1. Any angler littering the beach will be disqualified. Please take all your litter off the beach. The Officer of The Day (or the Chief Steward in the absence of The Officer of The Day) has the power to call off or abandon the match at any time during the match in the interest of safety.

The results of the match at the time of the abandonment will count.

Any angler that continues to fish on will be disqualified and their results will not count.

The decision of the committee is final.


  1. Each affiliated club is entitled to enter 1 angler into the championship for every 10 anglers registered with the I.F.S.A. in the previous year. For an angler to partake in the Master Angler Championship they must be a member of a club for the previous and current years. The club must be affiliated and all fees and levies paid and passed on to Central Council.


  1. There will be a minimum of 4 zones in the Master Angler Championship with a maximum of 25 anglers in each zone. 25 points will be awarded for 1st place in each zone; 24 points for 2nd and so on until last place. In the event of an angler recording a blank, the angler will receive half the points they would have received if they had weighed in.


  1. Tie Break – In the event of a tie the following format will apply.

Each Individual Session.

1st Tiebreaker = Number of fish (including undersize fish).

2nd Tiebreaker = Total length of fish (including LSD’s, Eels and all fish awarded points for their length)

3rd Tiebreaker = Length of individual fish (including undersize fish, LSDs and Eels)

4th Tiebreaker = Length of first L.S.D.

Overall Competition:

1st Tiebreaker = Highest individual placings.

2nd Tiebreaker = Total number of fish. (Including undersize fish).

3rd Tiebreaker = Total length of fish. (Including undersize fish, LSDs and Eels)

4th Tiebreaker = Length of individual fish

5th Tiebreaker = Length of L.S.D





The Ladies Master Angler should be set up and run as follows:

  1. The Ladies and Men’s Master Angler Competitions are to be run together over 3 legs on the same weekend. Ladies will no longer be allowed compete in the Men’s event.


  1. Collectively the Competition shall be known as the Master Angler Shore Championships. This title leaves the door open to add a Youth Master Angler if the need arises. Each separate competition title will be as follows:

Irish Federation of Sea Anglers, Ladies Master Angler Shore Championships.

Irish Federation of Sea Anglers, Men’s Master Angler Shore Championships.


  1. The Ladies Master Angler shall be open to all lady anglers who are fully paid up members of the IFSA. Qualification to this competition will be open to all lady members of the IFSA provided that they have participated in their club’s previous years Master Angler.


  1. Entry into the Ladies Master should be same as men’s.


  1. The IFSA National Shore Competitions rules shall apply.


  1. There should be a maximum of 12 anglers per zone, 12 point for 1st place 11 points for 2nd and so on.


  1. The results from the ladies master angler will determine the Irish Ladies World Championship Team. The top 6 angler will make up the team, this should be reviewed by Central Council each year and a decision made on the feasibility of sending a ladies team to the world championships thereafter.


  1. The prizes should be gold, silver and bronze medals and plates for the top 6 anglers. All competing anglers should receive a master angler pin.