Species Hunt 2014 Winner December

A late flurry of emails saw a lot of chopping and changing on the leader board. When everything was totted up only 100 points separated the top 3 anglers. Congratulations also to the winner of the Junior section Ryan Blair, 30 species is a great  return for the year, well done.
Some fish worth a mention this month are Eoin Foley’s Shore Rockling for 100 points and Aidan O’ Hallorans Gilthead Bream from the Clare coast, that fish was surely lost! Fish of the month goes to Paddy Barnwell for his 81cm Bass, a cracking fish and well done.
So that’s it for 2014, 67 different species caught and plenty specimen fish sent in throughout the year. A fish worth a special mention goes to Dean Quigley’s Smooth Hound which was 3 and a half pound over the current Irish Record.
I would like to thank and congratulate all the anglers for their efforts throughout the year, I feel we learned a lot over the year and will approach the new species hunt with a spring in our step. Best of luck to everyone who takes up the challenge in the new year.

Species Hunt 2014 November Update

November has being a quite month and we are truly into the winter species with a lot of codling, coalfish and whiting sent in.
We had two big movers in the overall standings, Wexford’s finest Dean Quigley and Joe Duggan now see themselves into the top 5 for the first time.
Fish worth a mention this month are Dean Quigleys Codling of 48cm, Joe Duggans Codling of 47cm and a Shore Rockling of 30cm.
Fish of the month goes to Gary McCurry with a fine Bass 70cm from the north coast for 98points.
I would invite all anglers who registered during the year to vote for the best fish of the year. You can take your pick from the largest of each species folder. Which ever angler receives the most votes will have the bragging rites for the coming year.