Conservation and Environment

The Irish Federation of Sea Anglers promotes responsible angling through its catch and release policy. Any angler wishing to retain a fish must do so in relation to minimum sizes. Taking gear and litter home is a crucial part of this ethos. Not doing so results in disqualification from the competition and the event.

At a broader level we are part of the angling umbrella body, The Angling Council of Ireland, which has an environmental policy –

This body is the national governing body for angling recognised by the government of Ireland and receives funding from Sport Ireland –

Under Sport Ireland the federation is bound to the 7 principles of leave no trace –

The federation is also a member of the European Angling Alliance which is governed by the European Commission  and is represented by the EAA to preserve fish stocks and the interests of all rod and line anglers in Europe and the management of the aquatic environment –

Ireland wins Home Nations boat Gold

It’s Home !
The home Nations Boat Championships 2019 is Fished and Won (Weymouth 15/06/19).
Congratulations again to our super Team of Anglers and Manager.
Dan Lynch, Heiko Dreier, Padraic Clear, Pat Condon, Pat Wright, David Mc Cormick and Manager Liam o Callaghan.
From the 40/50 anglers that turned out to the fundraising fishing competition in Cobh in December and to the all the great companies that supported us with Advertising slots in our annual wall planner , to the companies that sponsored us tackle clothing and lots more . We thank you all!

To compete at this level it takes a lot of time and financial support so with out all of the above support and assistance we would not have been able to succeed.

‘This trophy is for all of you and not just us ‘
Home Nation Boat Team Ireland.