2014 Martin Halley Memorial Cup

Martin Halley Memorial
Open Shore Competition
Saturday November 29 th 2014

Tramore Beach, Co. Waterford.
Fishing    4pm – 8pm
Overall Winner €300
3 Zones – 2 Prizes per Zone
Overall winner will not be a Zone Winner

Optional Pool €10  …… 100% Payout.      50% Longest Roundfish/50% Longest Flatfish.

Check In at O’Shea’s Hotel, Tramore until 3pm.

Pre Entry Fee €20.

Juveniles (U16) must fish with an adult – Double Peg. 1 Juvenile Prize.

Bed & Breakfast available at O’Shea’s Hotel. Tel.051381246

Kindly Sponsored by John O’Brien, Waterford Angling & Outdoor Centre.

Return Entry with Name, Club, IFSA No. & Entry Fee by Wednesday Nov 26th  to:
Declan Flanagan, 3 Aldergrove, Mount Pleasant, Waterford,  Mob 0876103031/0862656308

Tralee Bay Sac, Competition Report and Results, Blennerville 9th November

With all the talk of big tides and no fish the competition in Blennerville ended up being one of the best catch wise for Tralee Bay this year.

72 fish caught in total with 99% of them being flounders. The fish didn’t turn out to be monsters but the competition proved that old traditions and experience were 100% right on the day.
The majority of the fish were caught with the coming tide and the fishing slacked completely off with the turn of the tide. I have personally always been told to fish the channels and on the day the low numbers peg wise would prove to be vital. Phil ‘Master Angler” Ord had 16 fish in peg one and Chris ‘Atlantic Tackle’ O Sullivan had 12 alongside Phil in peg 3.
These pegs are always the best to get and the fish seem to congregate in front of this mark, locally called the chair. The main channel is right in front of the chair but this is no fluke because both Phil and Chris still had to catch the fish and no better anglers to do so…

The catches were sporadic along the bank but there was some good catches all the way down to peg 20. Aidan Halloran again proved his worth with 10 fish, David O Sullivan had 7 fish and Shane McMahon had 7 also. Some pegs found it difficult and some of the frustration got to anglers as they left early but the some of the anglers that stayed on continued to catch.
I found the fishing to be mighty all the way to the turn of the tide and after that the fish just seemed to disappear. The results prove again that experience is really important in this now very, very competitive angling club. We all want to win and with new recruits this year like James Allman and Shane McMahon, the master angler places are simply getting harder to achieve.
Colm McDaid and Aidan O Halloran were both in attendance also at Blennerville and I was personally delighted to see these two fine anglers…

Altogether there was 18 anglers at the comp and with a few missing dedicated anglers, Tralee Bay SAC still proves to be one the most well attended and best known clubs in Ireland.
We have recently had a committee meeting and we have set a date for the club AGM which will be on in the meeting section of the Greyhound Bar on the 5th of December @ 8:30pm. If anglers have opinions and aspects of the club that they wish to talk about and motions to put forward then this is the place.
I keep telling people this, that at the venue is not the place to be discussing club decisions and arguing about tides or club members. We have an AGM every year to air all this and we discussed at the committee meeting last friday week, that we want more people to get on board with the committee to help, if they feel there opinion is valid. If people are serious about the overall future of the club and they feel the club is not living up to there expectations then please take time to write down your opinions and put them forward at the AGM.
I seen a recent comment on another Facebook page about wingeing and arguing at clubs being the majority attitude at clubs and to be honest for me that couldn’t be further from the truth. I have made great friends and I believe, I have come on 100 times as respect to my angling, and still I am no where the best anglers. Tralee Bay SAC has been a very enjoyable experience for me in these two short years and there is no way i will leave a personal opinions or ‘Bitching” destroy that for me.
Also Tralee Bay SAC would like to thank Anthony Foley for making new pegs for the club and I look forward to pegging the venues with him over the next year and if anybody in the future has a problem with the pegging of the venue come to me or Anthony….

Next club comp is 22nd Novmeber @ Inch Beach from 5pm to 9pm….

Inch beach should be a cracker with the coming tide and it will be mostly fishing in the dark which will definitely add to the catches. When you think about it what other club in the country has the venues we get the fish at week in, week out?

Tight Lines…




1ST, Phil Ord, 464 points
2ND, Chris O Sullivan, 314 points
3RD, Aidan O Halloran, 248 points


1ST, Eoin Foley, 32 points,
1ST, Finn Healy, 32 points
3RD, Paddy McMahon, 31 points




Daniel Brosnan, 33 flounder


Draw, No Round caught

Species Hunt 2014 November Update

November has being a quite month and we are truly into the winter species with a lot of codling, coalfish and whiting sent in.
We had two big movers in the overall standings, Wexford’s finest Dean Quigley and Joe Duggan now see themselves into the top 5 for the first time.
Fish worth a mention this month are Dean Quigleys Codling of 48cm, Joe Duggans Codling of 47cm and a Shore Rockling of 30cm.
Fish of the month goes to Gary McCurry with a fine Bass 70cm from the north coast for 98points.
I would invite all anglers who registered during the year to vote for the best fish of the year. You can take your pick from the largest of each species folder. Which ever angler receives the most votes will have the bragging rites for the coming year.