2014 Munster Closed Shore Results

Result of Munster Open closed gold medal 25/26th October
This year was the first year of the three sessions in the one weekend for the closed. Numbers were low as expected as a lot of the major competitions were been held in the month of October this year. 27 anglers entered and 25 booked in . The weather was not great but with two of the venues well sheltered the only one needing to be changed was Tramore on sun eve due to high winds, the beach was just to dangerous to fish.

Session one was in Woodstown strand 4 -8 been sheltered conditions were good and from the off there were fish going with 264 fish caught in total between the 25 anglers zone 1 been best with 96 fish ,zone 2 93 fish and zone 3 75 fish. fish made up of flounder eels Bass whiten and coalies and rockling.

session 2 checkpoint strand
9-1 sun morning with the strong winds and high tides kept the tide up to high to mark the beach till 45mins before the competition but it had dropped enough to fish by 9.fish were there from the start again with 252 fish caught in total whiten,dab,rockling,codling,silver eel 1 conger flounder Bass. zone 1 was won with 96 fish ,zone 2 82 fish and zone 3 74 fish.

session 3 passage beach/rocks
this session was moved due to weather conditions it was rough as far as passage goes but well fishable.
fishing were slower to start but picked up fast with some nice codling plenty of flounder whiten,rockling Bass eels and coalies. a total of 327 fish landed zone 1 101 fish zone2 118 fish, zone3 108 fish.
the top ten are:
Alan Mulcahy
Aiden O’Halloran
Cliff Gallogly
Paul Cody
John O’Brien
Brian Mansfield
Mike Carlton
Derek Kenrick
John Joyce
Tom O’Mahoney
A total of 843 were caught for the weekend well done and thanks to all that fish and well done to all in the prizes and the top five for making the team.

Species Hunt 2014 Update Oct

Hi everyone.
October has being a slow month, people are finding it harder to catch new species or they are just holding their cards close to their chest and send them all in at the last minute.

We did have a couple of big movers, Aidan O Halloran sent in 17 species to see him jump up to40 species, Congratulations also to Aidan on winning the Jimmy Smith recently. The other big mover was the superstar match angler Joe Byrne, Joe sent in 24 species and you would have to wonder where he finds the time to run a tackle shop and still have time for so much fishing, he seems like a man on a mission.

The most unusual catch of the month surely goes to Anthony Foley and his Red Mouthed Goby, have to say I’ve never seen or heard of one before. Anthony also sent in a Conger scoring 129 points.

Fish of the month goes again to Joe Birney Snr for his Painted Ray scoring 119 points and weighing in at over 13lb well over the specimen weight. Well done Joe.